How To Create WordPress Website – Step By Step Guide To Create Website on WordPress

This is a cornerstone on how to create a WordPress website. We can create WordPress websites with either or platform but before you start, you must know what the differences between both of these WordPress versions are so that you can choose the right platform suitable for your website requirements.

How to create WordPress websites

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In this article I’m not going to tell about major differences between these two platforms and but simply would like to brief idea as to which platform is the right selection for you. I’m going to teach you how to create WordPress website with before which we shall see some of the important differences between these two platforms. and both are different web development platforms own by Automattic Inc. is available both in free and paid versions. is 100% free to use and there is no any paid version as it is an open source website building tool but you need a web hosting and domain name to start with platform.

WordPress .com is suitable for persons who simply want to create normal websites for their businesses and simple blogs whereas is chosen by web developers who want to do research and lot of experiments on web development. A lot of things can be learned while hosting your websites on since it is a self-hosted platform.

With you need not own a web hosting account whereas to start with you should have purchased a web hosting and a domain name first.

Finally, if you are a serious and creative web designer, you should start with and that my step by step guide on how to create websites in WordPress. So, I strongly recommend for developing your knowledge on web development.

If you don’t like to invest any money on a web server, you have a better option to create websites on Blogger.

How to Create WordPress Websites

This guide on how to create a website in WordPress is written on assumption that all the web hosting providers would enable these basic common steps with their web hosting servers. Different web hosting providers have their own different services, options, facilities and hosting features. Here, I’m not teaching about any particular hosting provider but it is the common practice generally applicable to all hosting providers:

  • Make sure you have purchased a domain name. If not yet, purchase a domain first with your preferred web hosting company.
  • Purchase a web hosting (Recommended shared hosting) with your preferred web hosting company.
  • While purchasing a web hosting (Shared hosting), you must register it with a primary domain. You can simply register a web hosting with your existing domain name.
  • After completing the purchase, log in to your web hosting control panel and look for WordPress installation option. It will look like as shown in the screenshot below.

Web hosting server cPanel

Now you can log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. The first thing you may need to do is installing a beautiful theme and necessary plugins to stand out your website on the internet.

If you have any doubts, post your comments below.

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