Create a Blog on Blogger – Step by Step Guide to Create a Blog in Blogspot

Step by step guide to create a blog on blogger. Follow these simple steps to start your blog on blogger, a free blog publishing service by Google. Your free blog will be ready online within 2 minutes.

STEP-1: Go to

STEP-2: In the Blogger home page, you will see a button link “CREATE YOUR BLOG”. On clicking that button, a pop-up box will open as shown in the below screenshot.

How to create blogger blog?

STEP-3: In this page, you will have to fill up all the fields and proceed by clicking on the “Create blog!” button. The details of each field are briefly explained below:

  • Title – This is your blog name or the title of blog. In the above screenshot, we have named the title as “Ourmaster Sample Blog” for demonstration purpose.
  • Address – This is the sub-domain URL of blog. You can try any name as blog URL. We have taken “ourmastersampleblog” in the demonstration. If it is not available, it means somebody has already taken that name. If it is available to proceed, a notification message will be displayed as “The blog address is available”.
  • Themes – You have a number of themes to select. In this page, you can select anyone and can switch to another theme and customize later.
  • Create blog! – Click on this button. That’s all. Your free blog is ready now. You will be redirected to blogger dashboard as shown in the below screenshot.
Blogger dashboard

As you see in above image, you have a number of customization and blog management options on the left side panel of your blogger dashboard.

What is the next step after creating blogger blog?

After creating a blog on blogger, you may have to do the following things to make your blogger blog look professional:

  • Set up a custom domain for blogger blog.
  • Choose a professional looking template or customize an existing template
  • Write content for your blog – write about your blog, create and publish blog posts.
  • Place some cool widgets on the blog to make your blog readers excited.

Generally, you can perform the following blog management activities on blogger dashboard:

  • Write and publish your blog posts (Unlimited) and pages (Up to 20 maximum)
  • Set up a custom domain on blogger like instead of blogger sub-domain and more settings options.
  • View statistics of the blog – post wise, country wise, referring sites and even what keywords made your blog to be visited.
  • Modify blog layout by arranging a number of widgets available on blogger.
  • Change blogger theme and customize existing theme.
  • Monetize blog and make money by displaying AdSense ads.

Best of luck! If you have any doubt, leave your comment below.

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