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Welcome to Wikimint Developer! I'm Selvakumaran Krishnan, admin and developer of this site. Here, you will know what this site is all about. If you are new in to web development and finding a best place to learn full-stack web development, this is the place to start.

In the fast-emerging digital age, web development has emerged as one of the most sought-after and dynamic careers.

A full stack web developer, in particular, possesses a diverse skill set that allows them to handle both front-end and back-end development, making them indispensable assets to any tech team. If you've been dreaming of diving into this exciting development field and want to know how to become a full stack web developer, this site Wikimint Developer is for you.

This development platform is for you whether you are the one of the follwoing:

  1. Newbie to the development field or a geek, want to explore more.
  2. Finding free tools to ease your development phase.
  3. Searching for open-source scripts, libraries and templates ready to use on your own projects.
  4. Finding right websites that teaches programming languages like W3Schools.
  5. Working with any CMS or development platform like WordPress, Blogger or other static websites.
  6. Exploring new tips and tweeks in the prgramming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Puthon, etc.

What are the development resources available?

Wikimint Developer provides various resources, guides, tools and learning suggestions related to full-stack web development. Following are our main foucusing area in web development guiding path:

  1. Suggesting development related 3rd party sites and tools.
  2. Crafted free online tools and resources to help developers.
  3. Created public accessible open source datasets for your projects.
  4. Regularly publishing blog posts to get in touch with the lastest updates in the development.

What's next?

I believe that you understood what is the purpose of Wikimint Developer and how it would be helpful for you throughout your development path.

Mainly, learning something is not only the part of learning. You should implement it in some sample projects. While learning, try to test what you learnt, parellaly.

Finally, to begin with your learning path, I would first recommend to start with the following article, Step by step guide to become a Full-Stack web developer.

This will lead you to understand what are all the requirement to step in to your development career or development projects.