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Welcome to Wikimint Developer, the largest and updated free web development resource website for web developers and learners.

This site helps you to find out answers for for various doubts and clarifications regarding web development.

Here you will learn the following things:

  • What is a website?
  • How to create a website for business or personal use?
  • How websites run?
  • What are the requirements to build and run a website?
  • What are the basic skills required to develop websites?
  • How does it cost to own a website?

About the author

My name is Selvakumaran Krishnan, and I’m the author as well as founder of Wikimint Developer. I launched this site in 2015 in a different domain name and later, the domain is changed to developer.wikimint.com presenting web development resources, ideas and tools.

Beyond web development, being a full-stack developer is my wish. Read more articles to learn more and more.

Selvakumaran Krishnan

Open source

There are lots of open source tools are being created and available for public to utilize. The open source includes WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, Blogger templates, Blogger widgets and other code related scripts and snippets like php, html, css, JavaScript, etc.

Anyone can use these tools and software for web development. There will be no any premium subscription options for the products mentioned under open source. These open source softwares represent their usage of all available features at no cost.