What is a Website? Amazing Facts Need to Know About Websites

Amazing Facts Need to Know About Websites

The definition for the term website is quite simple. A website is a collection of web pages including assets like media, script files and other web files hosted on a web server. That’s all. What is the purpose of creating websites is the real question which tells you everything what are the things you need to go ahead in to the world of web development.

In this post, I have covered almost and briefly explained what one should know all about websites. At the end of this post, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is a website?
  • Why should you create a website?
  • History of websites.
  • Amazing facts about websites
  • What are the types of websites?
  • What are the most popular website platforms?

What is a Website?

In all aspects, websites play a major role in businesses as well as personal life, especially in communication. A website connects your business to the world. It promotes your business to the next level. Websites are the only employees who work 24 hours a day in the organization. If you run a business, don’t forget to recruit a website for your organization.

Why Should You Create Website?

Over 60% of the small business own websites to promote their business and create their online presence.

Assume that if you are going to buy a new mobile phone. Do you directly go to the mobile shop and buy it? No.

In my case, I first search on Google the latest mobile phones to know about its ratings and popularities. Compare prices on different stores in different locations.  Finally, I come to a decision which mobile phone to choose and what is the average price it may be on local store.

People always rely on the internet for their every doubts and knowledge needs. Keeping this as a target, websites are created. The purpose of websites may be any of the following:

  • Selling products online – eCommerce
  • Get a company online presence and showcase their strength, products and services
  • Providing information by writing articles, post and reviews – Blogs
  • Providing online services – Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Simply build traffic with quality contents (Information, articles, media) and make money online through monetization.

To tell shortly, why you should create a website for your business, I put below some pieces of phrases for instant understanding of the matter:

  • Website adds credibility and value to your business and increases more customers
  • Website is a most powerful tool for communication
  • Website introduces your company to new customers, it doesn’t require your physical present
  • About 60% of business marketing is being done on web browsers itself.
  • Customers know what do you do, what he can get from you in no time
  • You can show your talent and full efficiency of business with websites

What was the First Website in the World?

Do you know? What was the first website ever created and published? The first website created and went live was http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html by Sir Tim Berners-Lee on 6th August 1991. He first published the WWW project (World Wide Web) at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research

This website ran on the NeXT Computer, a workstation said to be the first web server ever in the world.

Amazing Facts about Websites and Internet

Do you know how many people are engaged on the internet all over the world at present? The following statistics are noted while writing this post:

  • People searched 5,144,284,899 queries on Google search on this single day
  • In a single year by the time of writing this post, 727,162,386,826 queries are searched on Google
  • 1,874,370,176 websites are online during writing this post at 9:27 PM on 06.05.2018 (75% of websites are inactive – Parked domain)
  • 4,915,685 blog posts are created and published on this single day (While this post is written)
  • In a single year, 685,287,352 blog posts were totally created and published.
  • In a single day (While writing this post), 648,317 laptops 3,730,843 mobile phones and 425,528 tablets are sold all over the world
  • In a single year (While writing this post), 89,891,410 laptops, 517,181,226 mobile phones and 58,977,454 tablets are totally sold all over the world

The above statistics are well enough to answer why you need a website. Start developing your website right away to appear online and stand out among the top businesses.

Types of Websites – Website Categories

In technical terms, websites are categorized into two as follows which we will discuss later:

  • Static Websites
  • Dynamic Websites

Based on the purpose and usage, websites may be classified as follows:

Business Websites: Business websites are built to build a strong branding to businesses. These websites mainly showcase the strength, efficiency, popularity and credibility of businesses and will not focus on selling products online.

eCommerce Websites: eCommerce websites sell products and services online. Example : Amazon, Ali Express

Social Networking Websites: These websites serve as an online community where people engage to share their feelings and thoughts and to build friends network. Example: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter

Freelance Websites: This site helps to meet experts and get their jobs done. Jobs and projects offers are mostly done on bid creation as well as direct hiring method. Example: Freelancer, UpWork, Fiverr

Blog Websites: The term blog is truncated from the word “Weblog”. Blogs act as a most powerful tool in SEO aspects. A blog is a website where articles (Posts) are published on regular basis by an individual or a team to provide related information to readers. All types of websites can have a blog to regularly update content about business and products.

Directory Websites: Directory means a similar collection of something or a group of different collections. Commonly known directory website is business directory website. Also, we can say YouTube as a directory website, since it has a large collection of videos. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are also a kind of directory websites since they have a large database collection of websites and information.

Even more, we can classify types of websites but, these are the very basic types of websites.

Which is the Best Platform for Developing Websites?

We should choose a website platform upon reviewing some factors like our business needs, coding knowledge, pricing, type of website, etc. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Opencart, Blogger, Wix are some of the popular website platforms but, I recommend going with any of the platforms based on your requirements:

WORDPRESS.ORG: WordPress.org is the most popular self-hosted website platform which all the famous brands and businesses run worldwide. You can do anything and create any types of websites with WORDPRESS.ORG and if you are a creative person and want to become a web developer and would like to learn to know more about web development WORDPRESS.ORG is the best place to start with.

To install WORDPRESS, you need to buy a hosting package and a domain. It is recommended for larger businesses and creative developers.

WORDPRESS.COM: WordPress.com has limited features when compared to wordpress.org but, even you are creating your professional website with a genuine and most trusted platform.

It is totally free to create a website with WORDPRESS.COM, but your free website will only be published at subdomain URL.

It has paid plain too where you can set up your own custom domain. It is recommended for smaller businesses.

Website Builders: Similar to WORDPRESS.COM websites, all hosting companies provide website builder package on the paid basis. It is recommended for smaller businesses.

The above-said platforms are recommended based on the business needs and value. For personal usage as well as learning purpose, you may also create with GitHub pages and Blogger.

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