What is Blogger Website – A Free Tool to Create and Publish Blog Website

Do you want to start a blog for free? Blogger is the #1 free blogging platforms to start with. Before moving to the step by step guide to set up your blog on blogger, let us get familiar with Blogger – What is the blogger website? What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free tool to create blog websites and publish blog posts. According to Wikipedia, Blogger was originally developed in 1999 by Pyra Labs, a software company founded by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan. Later, Blogger was acquired by Google in 2003. Since blogger service is completely provided by Google, it allows hosting your blog websites at a sub domain of blogspot.com by Google server. Also, you have an option to set up a custom domain on blogger (Example: www.wikimint.com)

Blogger for newbie

Most of bloggers would have first started their blogging carrier on blogger platform, because of its affordability and advantages.

Why choose Blogger to start a blog?

If you have chosen blogger to create a blog, it will make you stand alone in the web development field. Because, blogger is so easier to work with and you can carry out more experiments with code language and scripts like HTML, JavaScripts and CSS. We list below the advantages of using blogger:

  • Pricing – Free forever. Not setup fee and no maintenance fee.
  • Domain – Free sub domain. If need, you can setup custom domain on blogger.
  • Design – Drag and drop customization options. Free themes to select and install in singe chick
  • Adsense monetization – Built in option for AdSense integration
  • Blog account – Can create100 blog websites per account
  • Bog posts – Can create and publish an unlimited number of blog posts
  • Pages – Can create up to 20 pages maximum
  • HTTPS redirect – Free https secure encrypted connection for sub domain URL

So, start your blog on blogger today. Read our step by step guide to create blogger blog.

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