What is wmdCAPTCHA?

wmdCAPTCHA tool simplifies your website froms protection tasks with its simple and light-weight algorithm engine.

wmdCAPTCHA tool uses a simple and very light-weight algorithm that's enough for complete end-to-end website as well as form protection. wmdCAPTCHA takes extended resposibilities just beyond a website and form protection tool.

wmdCaptcha protection tool for websites and forms


To install and use wmdCAPTCHA protection tool in your websites, just follow the below mentioned steps.

Step (1)

Copy and paste the following script in to your websites' head after <head> tag or body section before </body> tag.

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/wikimint/[email protected]/wmdCaptcha.js" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Step (2)

Finally, place the below code inside form wherever you need the captcha solver to appear.

<div class="wmd-captcha"></div>

wmdCAPTCHA was created and maintained by Wikimint Developer as a FREE (Always free) protection tool for your website and form submissions. More than just a simple captcha solver, wmdCaptcha comes with many features for complete website security and form protection.

Features of wmdCaptcha

  • No account registration needed.
  • No API key or subscriptions required.
  • Easy one step installation.
  • Frequently updated with new advance protection features.
  • A complete protection tool beyond just a captcha solver.
  • Prevents bots, spams as well as overall website protection.

In the above installation process, the usage of basic protection mode only is explained. For advanced protection and extended usage of wmdCaptcha in more detail, read the documentation.

Demo Form with wmdCaptcha
  • Pick your favorite metal:

  • Gold
  • Diamond

Demo form protection with wmdCaptcha

In the above demo form, wmdCaptcha is implement within the form just above the submit button. Without solving the captcha, the form will not get submitted and notify with an error message below the captcha tool. Once the captcha is verified, the form gets ready for submission.

Irrespective of the form methods, whether it is GET or POST, wmdCaptcha first holds the form submission process until the captcha is verified. Also, the captcha itself is well created so that it could be only solved by human manually. Bots could touch neither the captcha nor the form. Hence, the form submission is strongly protected from bot activities.


For basic usage of wmdCaptcha protection tool, you can simply place the script in you website and place the captcha tag inside the form where it is required to appear.

Advanced usage

Beyond a captcha solver, wmdCaptcha serves as a complete end-to-end website protection tool. To use the utmost extended services of the captcha tool, you may need to add the following attributes to your code.

  src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/wikimint/[email protected]/wmdCaptcha.js"
  data-prevent-access = true
  data-prevent-contextmenu = true
  data-prevent-selectstart = true
  data-prevent-dragstart = true
  data-prevent-keydown = true
  data-prevent-inspect = true

To use advanced feature of wmdCaptcha, you could use the above script with the added attributes. You could add only the required attributes alone whichever is required. Let's explain each attribute features one by one.

data-prevent-access : It prevents any visitors accessing your website without solving the captcha first. (Feature under development).

data-prevent-contextmenu : It prevents the appearnce of context menu when right-clicking anywhere on the page.

data-prevent-selectstart : It prevents the users to copy the text content from yor website.

data-prevent-dragstart : It prevents the dragging activities in and out of your website.

data-prevent-keydown : It prevents some combination of keys that could possibly reveal your websites behind the scenes.

data-prevent-inspect : It prevents viewing developer tools / inspect window.

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