jQuery related question and answers

jQuery related questions and answers to clarify all the doubts and understand what is jQuery.

Sometimes, If you try to learn something new like learning jQuery, you don't know where to start and what is the first stage to learn and start with.

This is the new method of learning somethink like jQuery. There will be some set of questions and answers all about jQuery such as what is jQuery, advantages of jQuery, disadvantages of jQuery, why should I learn jQuery, is there anything advanced framework than jQuery, etc. You'll learn and understand randomly by just reading these questions and answers.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a free, open-source, lightweight JavaScript library with fast, small and feature rich options. jQuery is used for JavaScript operations like event handling, HTML DOM tree traversal, CSS animations, AJAX, manipulation of HTML, CSS and DOM and so on. The main purpose of jQuery is to make it easier to use JavaScript on websites.

Simply, jQuery is a open-source front-end JavaScript library helps to simplify interactions between HTML elements and JavaScript code.

Who developed jQuery first?

John Resig, an American software engineer invented jQuery in 2006. John Resig as a web developer used to work on many of his own projects. He found difficulties with JavaScript on cross-browser intercations. Hence, back in 2006, he decided to develope his own JavaScript library to fix that problem. That is named as jQuery.

What are jQuery alternatives available now?

Alternatives to jQuery are JavaScript, jQuery Slim, ReactJS, AngularJS, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Flux, D3.js, Syncfusion Essential JS2, UmbrellaJS, ExtJS, MooTools, Cash, Zapto JS, Chibi JS,

Is jQuery front-end or back-end?

jQuery is a simple and lightweight front-end JavaScript framework (JavaScript library). Although, jQuery is a front-end framework, it can be also used to develop dynamic applications.

How long does it take to learn jQuery?

It will take only few hours (about 4 to 6 hours) to learn jQuery if you know the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What are the knowledge requirements to start learning jQuery?

It will be easy to learn jQuery if you know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Since, jQuery is simply a library of JavaScript, having knowledge in JavaScript event lestener, DOM manipulation, etc. will help to learn jQuery even faster.

Where to learn jQuery?

There are many online courses where you can get started to learn jQuery. If you want to learn jQuery free, there also many platforms to start with learning jQuery. Some of them are:

What is the motto of jQuery?

The tag line as well as motto of jQuery is "Write less, do more".


All the above jQuery related questions and answers will give basic knowledge of jQuery and turn your intention to learn jQuery. If I have missed out any important question regarding jQuery, please write it in the comments below.

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